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The Waksman Foundation for Microbiology is a private, family foundation (EIN: 226057913) incorporated in the State of New Jersey.

  • Financial Information (Year Ended 12/31/14)
  • Officers and Trustees
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  • Awards

Assets (12/31/14): $1,341,407.00 (Estimated Market Value)
Expenditures, excluding grants and contributions: $17.258.08
Grants/awards and contributions: $41,8611.09

No. of Grants: 13
Largest Grant: $10, 216.09
Smallest Grant: $150.00

List of Grants and Major Contributions (Year ended 12/31/14)

National Academy of Sciences          
SelmanWaksman award 2013 and awardee expenses

summer STEM program

Partnership for Food Safety Education
Fact sheet translation


Marine Biological Laboratories, 2014
Science Journalism Course


Marine Biological Laboratories, 2014
Science Writing Workshop


Marine Biological Laboratories, 2015
Science Journalism Course


Marine Biological Laboratories, 2015
Science Writing Workshop


Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology       
Waksman Outstanding Teacher Award 2014


Dr. Bernard Schick     
MBL Microbial Diversity course Eveleigh lecturer 2014


Dr. Roberto Kolter
Frederick Neidhardt Lecturer, 2014
Gordon Research Conference Microbial Stress Response


Angela Posada-Swafford
Byron H Waksman Award for Excellence in the
Public Communication of Life Sciences 2014


The Foundation Center


The Triangle Coalition




Officers: (*indicates the officer is also a trustee):

Amy Cheng Vollmer, Ph.D., President*
(Swarthmore College)

Nan Waksman Schanbacher, M.Ed., J.D.*
Vice President and Chair, Board of Trustees

Keith A. Bostian, Ph.D., Treasurer*
Kemiin Pharma

R. Edward Townsend, Jr., Secretary & Counsel
(Townsend and Valente, LLP)

Barbara Iglewski, Ph.D.
(University of Rochester)

Cynthia Needham, Ph.D.
(ICAN Productions, Ltd.)

Frederick C. Neidhardt, Ph.D.
(University of Michigan)

Graham C. Walker, Ph.D.
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Trustees meet once annually, usually in June

Number of Staff: Three part-time professionals

NAS Award

The Waksman Foundation for Microbiology is proud to support the Selman A Waksman Award in Microbiology.  Awarded by the National Academy of Sciences every two years, it serves as the highest recognition for a microbiologist in the Academy. Nominations and selection of the awardee are conducted by the Academy.

Former Laureates Click Here


Keynote speaker for Microbial Diversity course at Marine Biological Laboratories
(For futre Awardees refer to the Microbial Diversity Course.)

2016 Alison Butler
2015 Lars Deitrich
2014 Bernard Schick
2013 Jorg Overmann

SIMB Award

The Waksman Outstanding Teaching Award is supported annually by the Waksman Foundation for Microbiology.  This award serves to recognize and individual who has been an exemplary teacher and mentor in the areas of microbiology and biotechnology, while maintaining an active research laboratory. For more information regarding the award, the nomination and selection process, as well as a link to a pdf listing all former awardees, please see the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Waksman awardees.

Our Awardees as of 2016:

1989 Douglas E. Eveleigh,
1991 William R. Chesbro
1993 Lewis R. Brown,
1995 Arnold Demain,
1997 James Jay
1998 Joseph J. Cooney, deceased
1999 Maurice Gaucher
2000 Jerald Ensign
2001 Y.C . Fu n g
2002 Ronald Bentley
2003 Thomas D. Brock
2004 Kenneth Nealson
2005 J.H. David Wu,
2006 Elisabeth Elder,
2007 Erick Vandamme,
2008 Eric Johnson,
2009 Roy H. Doi,
2010 George Bennett,
2011 Donald Ahearn,
2012 Susan Jensen,
2013 Susan Bagley,
2014 Max Häggblom,
2015 Joan Bennett,
2016 Lee Lynd,

Frederick Neidhardt Lecturer Award

Every other year at the Gordon Research Conference on Microbial Stress Response, the first speaker at the event receives the Frederick Neidhardt Lecturer Award. The award is given by the Waksman Foundation for Microbiology in honor of its third president, Frederick Neidhardt for his leadership of the Foundation and his seminal contributions to the field of microbial stress response. The speaker is chosen by the Conference co-chairs. The award recognizes the speaker as a leader in the field whose opening lecture provides a historical context and sets the tone for a week of intense and engaging scientific exchange.


2010 Susan Gottesman, NIH
2012 Carol Gross, UCSF
2014 Roberto Kolter, Harvard University
2016 Moselio Schaechter

Byron H. Waksman Award for Excellence in the Public Communication of Life Sciences

The Waksman Foundation for Microbiology honors its second president and son of the founder, Byron H. Waksman, by giving an annual award for Excellence in the Public Communication of Life Sciences, the subject of Byron's strongest and most consistent interest during his 30 years as President of the Foundation.  Nominations for the BHW Award are made by the Fellows in the Science Journalism Program at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and the winner is selected by the Trustees of the Waksman Foundation.


2009 - New York Hall of Science (Martin Weiss, VP)
2010 - Moselio Schaechter
2011 - David Suzuki
2012 - Carl Zimmer
2013 - Maryn McKenna
2014 - Angela Posada - Swafford
2015 - IFL Science (Elise Andrews)
2016 - Ed Yong