Summer Science Academy Activity;

Microbe Science Fair


GRADES: 6-12




This project will allow you to study one microbe in detail, and present your findings to the class, and from them learn more about other microbes. The objectives of this project are:




  1. Get the name of a microbe from your instructor.
  2. Gather information about your microbe. Use a microbiology textbook, or consult one of the microbiology web sites on the internet. You should gather general information about your microbe, its structure, and other characteristics.
  3. Prepare a poster or model of your microbe. You should include the following information on your poster, or along with your model:

    • Size of the microbe
    • Photograph (electron micrograph) or drawing, with size scale
    • Natural habitat of the microbe
    • Length of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA), if known
    • A cross section diagram of the microbe, with the location of structures that are involved in motility, reproduction, energy, and metabolism, and any other distinguishing characteristics
    • Culture conditions (can it be grown in the lab, and if so, how?)
    • Microbe's impact on human health or the environment
    • Any other information that you find interesting

  4. Your poster/model will be presented to other students. Be prepared to answer questions about your microbe.