Summer Science Academy

Design your Own Microbiology Experiment


  1. Formulate a question that you would like to answer. Then, formulate a hypothesis. Have your instructor approve your "question" before you proceed to the next step.
  2. Write an outline of how you will go about answering your question and testing your hypothesis. Keep in mind that you have only several days (3-4) to complete your experiment. Think about the different techniques that you have learned so far in lab. Have an instructor OK this before going to the next step.
  3. Make a list of lab supplies that you will need to do your experiment. Make sure that you write down the exact number of the items that you will need, so that we can prepare enough for all groups. Your instructor may need to limit the number/amount of supplies in some cases.

You can use any/all of the following supplies:

  1. Perform you experiment with your lab partner. Take notes at each step of your procedure of what you did and why. Also make note of any mishaps that you had (such as spilling a culture or contaminating a sample). These notes will help you to analyze your results.
  2. Carefully record your data on a data table or data sheet that you design. Write an explanation of your data. What did you find? Did your experiment work as expected? Why or why not?